Bell Course Overviews

William P. or William F. Bell golf course overviews are welcome to be submitted to the site for users to review.  Pictorals along with descriptions, side by side, historical comparisons, or noteworthy holes to consider are all welcome.

3 thoughts on “Bell Course Overviews

  1. My Grandfather, Grant Halstead, was the first head professional at the Riverside Golf Course in Fresno, a William P. Bell course. He always told me that the mayor announced that they were building a public course, and my Grandfather immediately made it known that he wanted to be the first head pro. (He was the head pro the Sunnyside Country Club at the time.) He told the mayor, and the city council that if they wanted a first class golf course they needed to hire Billy Bell. My Grandfather knew Billy Bell from the time Bell was working at the Annandale Country Club. My Grandfather had been the first assistant and then head pro of the San Gabriel Country Club — and Annandale was nearby. The problem at Riverside was the lack of land. The Bell course was to be built on the available 129 acres. It turned out great. Bell’s genius was in designing the first three holes — The first hole runs down the hill from the clubhouse, and looks remarkably like the first hole at the Riviera Country Club. (This is now the 10th hole.) Also, the original 17th hole was remarkably like the 10th hole at Riviera. (That hole is now Riverside’s 3rd hole.) My mother grew up on that golf course, and I wrote about her in my short story “Only One,” which has been widely published and re-published in several languages. J.G. Nursall

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